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Bog Dugoni, Robert Dugoni, author

Robert Dugoni

Almost every year I attend the Pacific Northwest Writers Association (PNWA) conference near Seattle in July, and volunteer for the Willamette Writers conference in Portland, Oregon in August. I’m getting excited about seeing friends, many of whom I only see in person at one of these two conferences.

I have established a page on my website to celebrate the wonderful accomplishments of some of my author friends. The page is titled “Friends: Authors, Storytellers” because in addition to all the books, short stories, poems, and other writing they have published, one is a filmmaker, one produces radio shows, and another produces podcasts–so they are either storytellers or authors, and usually both. The ones I have listed are: Curtis C. Chen, Mary Dessein, Robert Dugoni, Rick George, Ruth Lepson, Brian Lindstrom, R. Marquez, Erin Popelka, Cheryl Strayed, John Clark Vincent, Suzy Vitello (a.k.a. Roxy Soule), Holly S. Warah, Laura Whitcomb, and Heidi Yewman.

Please click on the link to reach the page, “Friends: Authors, Storytellers.” I’m delighted to introduce you to them this way.

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  • Cheryl Q

    I look forward to exploring the new page and learning about the authors, both those I have read and those who will be new to me,

  • Maureen Kay Post author

    As a post script, I wanted to mention I selected Robert Dugoni’s photo for this post because I appreciate he took the time from his intensely-packed schedule for me, as well as the support he gives the author community in general. When I asked, he contributed language for his listing for my Friends: Authors, Storytellers page. I had a chance to thank him in person last weekend at the Pacific Northwest Writers Association Conference after hearing a powerful speech he delivered–one of several of his I’ve found inspiring over the last several years.