Fractured Boulder, and Why Fracture Is My Novel Title 19

Title of novel by Maureen Kay is Fracture, and this fractured boulder represents that.

Fractured boulder in Columbia Gorge, Washington State

A story has consumed a compartment in my brain for years. I finished the first draft of my novel a year and a half ago, and have been revising since then. I haven’t sent it to an agent or publisher yet because it needs to be the best I can do; that takes considerable time with a project as complex as a novel.

Its title is Fracture. The name refers to a break between people. Additionally, my protagonist experiences herself as fracturing when she discovers what she thought was real is not. In part, it is a story about illusion, and the disorientation, even devastation, that clarity can bring.

I found this cracked boulder inspiring for suggesting the amount of force that could cause such a fracture. I want my novel to express a similar impact.

My husband and I encountered the rock when we were hiking in the Columbia Gorge.

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Maureen Kay has just finished writing a novel called Fracture. She blogs about her personal experiences, bigger issues, other authors, and her writing journey.

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