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The Women’s March to affirm human rights took place on January 21, 2017, the day after President Trump’s inauguration. According to the Women’s March on Washington, nearly seven hundred sister marches with nearly five million people participated in the international protest.

Undeterred by a cold rain, one hundred thousand women, men, and children walked in the Portland Women’s March in Oregon. Supporters cheered from overhead bridges and multiple levels of a parking garage along the 1.3 mile route.

This remarkable event included a massive march in Washington D.C., and over five hundred sister marches within the United States. It brought considerable hope, and is inspiring more action. Many Americans are more determined than ever to work for greater human rights and a stronger democracy.

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12 thoughts on “Portland Women’s March Photos

  • Stefan

    I went to a tavern with a fireplace to warm up after marching in “Bridgetown.” It was packed with people from the march, all of us in good spirits!


    Wonderful choice of photos…
    Even today my local dog walkers passing by my house were wearing their pink pussy hats… people I had never talked to before I now reached out to and made plans to keep the march going in our small individual ways.
    Thank you and all of those that one by one showed up to make a movement. That one by one said, “My Voice Matters”.
    Thank you for posting about it and keeping it ALIVE!

  • marilyn berens

    Thanks for posting these great photos. It is very important for us to do this, as we must not lose the rights that all of us have now !!

  • Heather

    Hopefully many of the marchers will keep trying to work for change, even if it’s discouraging. Start with small steps such as contacting your state representatives, write to express your opinions to President Trump, donate to Planned Parenthood and more.

  • Suzanne

    Great photos! It’s going to be so important to continue to protest the madness of Trump over the next 4 years. He’s a disaster after one short week in office.

  • Allyssa Axell

    Love your beautiful photos, Maureen! You always have a great eye for story telling via pictures.

    Your concise description of the Women’s March reverberates with the power of that amazing day.

    Now I’m feeling as empowered as that proud confident little girl with her arm raised upward in victory.

  • Ann Dawes

    That’s a great photo showing the sign with the protester and message “We the Resilient.” This reminds us of how we must be in it for the long run and must draw strength from our values and from one another.

  • Maureen Kay Post author

    I appreciate the comments.

    The last three Saturdays this April there are three protests planned with a similar structure of a large march in Washington DC and local marches in many other locations. The Tax March will be April 15 to apply pressure on the need for the POTUS to release his tax returns. The March for Science will be on Earth Day, April 22, to defend the importance of science in setting public policy. The People’s Climate March will be on April 29. All are important, and need our support.